A is for Approved:
Best 8 letter word you’ll hear through the entire process. Signed, sealed, delivered, it’s yours.

B is for Borrower:
Your new given name for the next 30 days.

C is for Closer:
This person’s only job is to salvage forty or fifty emergencies at the last moment of every end of the month. This person is rarely sane.

D is for Documents:
Yes, we’ve already asked for them, and yes, we need more.

E is for Emails:
Yes, you can email us your docs. (Refer to letter above.)

F is for Funding:
Legacy puts the “fun” in funding.

G is for Gift:
Yes, your friends and family can gift you money to purchase a house. And no, it can’t be drug money – it must be traceable.

H is for Home:
A house is made of bricks and beams; a home is made of hopes and dreams.

I is for Income:
You can’t buy a home without it.

J is for Juggling:
The mortgage process is a circus act and you will juggle responsibilities more than that creepy clown you remember from your third birthday party.

K is for Kindness:
Kill us with kindness because anything else would be illegal.

L is for Loan Officer:
AKA Wizard. Magician. Someone who solves a problem you didn’t know you had in a way you don’t understand.

M is for Melatonin:
You may be draining those bottles over the course of months on all those sleepless nights worrying about closing on time. However, throw those bottles away when you work with Legacy!

N is for No:
No, you may not apply for a line of credit before you close to get that new furniture just because it’s on sale.

O is for ‘O’ Blood Type:
It’s the only thing we haven’t asked you for.

P is for Processor:
An overworked, underpaid person who works miracles.

Q is for Quit.
DON’T. Don’t quit your job and we won’t quit ours.

R is for Rates:
A figure that is always higher than the buyer’s uncle thinks it should be.

S is for Surveys:
We hope you give us a good one.

T is for Title:
The ultimate touchdown!

U is for Underwriter:
A conscientious employee otherwise known as the “Beyoncé” of our company.

V is for VOE:
Verification of Employment. Surprise! You need documentable income.

W is for Wine:
No explanation needed.

X is for Xylophone:
You don’t need those in mortgage. But they could be fun in your new house?

Y is for Yikes!
You may think this when you come across clients who don’t have a full-time job, have an income mostly supported by Etsy, credit score is 420, and yet want to purchase a $500,000 home. That’s a negative.

Z is for Zero:
The number of things we’d change about where we work.

By: Hunter Price and Kate Martinez