This was such a great addition to my list of books recommended to read. It came to me at the perfect time and really helped me cope and correct with a moment I was having in my life. Besides the 13 pages of notes taken, the impact this book has made is huge! I utilized every decision every day I read them. Here is a summary of what I took from them:

The Responsible Decision: My life no longer became an apology. I took ownership, no more complaining, no longer have problems to deal with but a choice to make. Moving forward not stepping back.

The Guided Decision: You are who you spend time with and you are what you read. No more average or mediocre. True friends build you up and make you better. Create servants spirit.

The Active Decision: Taking the fear away and realizing why I am holding myself back. Take more chances, learn from mistakes and move on, realized the things I have been missing and need to get back. Making decisions instead of overthinking it and stop changing my mind. Stick to it! Getting back to my goals and working towards them, no quitting.

The Certain Decision: Moves I need to make to conquer my goals. Stop limiting myself and work harder towards them. No more excuses and make more time! Get up earlier so I can do more in a day. Listen to that nagging thing that creates my happiness. PASSION! You have a vision for a reason.

The Joyful Decision: Smile and laugh! Have a thankful heart and enjoy the pursuit of your dreams.

The Compassionate Decision: Forgive and move on. Mostly forgive me. Stop looking back at things that no longer matter. If really weighing reach out and apologize. No more Anger. Seek to understand not to condemn. Out-love Your Critics!!

The Persistent Decision: Get my focus back on the results instead of process. Create that drive once again towards the end results and learn by what goes on up that point. Don’t quit – Win! With Faith and Courage, I persist until I succeed. No more fear to control not doing something I love. Stop waiting for something to be given and go get it myself.

After the seven days I noticed that I was laughing instead of sighing and no longer complaining about a situation. Noticing more things and smiling instead of ignoring them completely. Starting conversations with people instead of avoiding them. Noticing the more I thank people and speak positive thoughts the better my days are getting. Being a servant turned into so much for me. It’s helped me speak to others in a bad situation and help them try and make it better or correct it. Brought the positivity back to my life as happiness is decision and I have goals that I want to accomplish in my life and no one can stop it but me.

Favorite quote: “Average people compare themselves with other people. That is why they are average. I compare myself to my potential. I am not average. I see exhaustion as a precursor to victory.”