An organization strong in only one area of success is sure to fail. It takes a concerted, team effort by both the sales and operational forces of an organization to ensure the highest levels of productivity and profit. In many organizations, sales and operations teams are often pitted against each other – each representing the interests of their team and undermining the success of the other. Here at Legacy Mutual Mortgage we believe in ONE Team. It is only through proactive training, experienced, understanding leadership and continued progress and modifications of BOTH sides of the loan process that we are able to achieve a happy, productive, communicative environment that allows growth and focus for all involved. As Linda Rudd, Senior Vice President and Senior Loan Officer with over 20 years in the business notes, “our operations team is 100% committed to a successful sales organization.” We fully support that notion, and we take immediate, proactive measures to ensure our operations team supports sales and our sales team is accountable to operations as well. The loan process flows much more smoothly when the organization, from the top down, supports accountability, integrity and responsiveness. Come start YOUR Legacy with one of the greatest “operations supported sales teams” in the industry. Let us show you how our ONE Team approach is paramount to our continued success.

“I have been lending money to clients since the late 80’s. There have been many cycles, seasons, trends, and challenges. Through it all I pride myself on the highest level of integrity, commitment to the client, and taking care of our employees by offering opportunities to succeed in a joyful environment. For those reasons I have aligned my business with Legacy Mutual Mortgage. I joined Legacy in 2009 when times were extremely challenging in the industry. Dan Diepenhorst offered an amazing opportunity to build and run a business that I am forever grateful. Our leadership team is of the highest caliber and our operations team is 100% committed to a successful sales organization. I look forward to being with Legacy for the rest of my career!”
– Linda Rudd