Empowerment is a word we take to heart here at Legacy Mutual Mortgage. We believe in hiring hard-working, successful people of integrity who strive to be the best and take on the responsibility of bettering both themselves and those whom they coach and mentor. We have created an environment of internal coaching and mentoring that provides an “open-door” policy of learning and sharing best practices. Through weekly phone and video conference calls, site visits and “shadowing” opportunities, new Loan Officers are able to glean tried and true examples of strategies and tactics to empower them to achieve more. Top producers take on the role of “mentor” and often engage in daily conversations of idea-sharing.

Unlike many other growing companies, our values have remained the same as those of the founders and leaders of this company. We utilize their skill set, knowledge and experience over many decades in the industry to facilitate a culture of betterment. Those who join our organization with goals of doubling or tripling their business are provided ample coaching and training opportunities with other loan professionals who have achieved and are currently achieving phenomenal levels of success. No matter what your production numbers currently are, there is a place for you here among the best at Legacy Mutual Mortgage. As our Nashville market leader and top producer Shawn Kaplan said, “the best way to become better is to have others to follow and mentor from and this company only strives to be the best.”

We invite you to grow your own success and your own personal legacy by joining ours.

“I joined the Legacy Mutual Mortgage family 5 years ago after being with another company long term. I say family because that is what it is here and one of the things that was very important to me…a sense of belonging. It’s so important and refreshing to have other Top Loan officers around me for me to learn from and be coached by. They showed me the clear blueprint to grow my business, better serve my clients, and regain balance and freedom in my life and my family’s life. The best way to become better is to have others to follow and mentor from and this company only strives to be the best. The culture of growth and accountability has helped my business grow from $21,868,740 in 2013 to $63,587,108 closed in 2017. A consistent 20% growth each year I have been here. It is a very special work environment I am grateful for each day!”
– Shawn Kaplan