For over a decade, Legacy has been at the forefront of the industry, striving daily to grow, improve, and shape our culture and the mortgage industry. We’ve precisely recruited top mortgage professionals who are goal-oriented, driven and passionate about the work they do and the customers and clients they serve. Through our valued internal and external coaching programs, we have enabled them to grow their own businesses, while also helping proliferate “the Legacy way.” As we enter our busiest months of the year, we continue to grow our successful markets throughout Texas, Tennessee and Colorado and look to also move into other areas where the market is strong and performing well. Our top priority is maintaining the amazing culture and “family” feel while continuing to make our processes and people more efficient and effective. The vision remains clear – we are ONE Team, working together hand-in-hand to successfully uphold the core values Legacy has established over the past 13 years while expanding our reach and production in the markets where we have remained a consistent leader.

Join us as we embark on our newest campaign showcasing some of our rising stars here at Legacy and chronicling their profound growth and success under the Legacy wings. With a focus on direct testimonials from the top producers themselves, this campaign is set to showcase the intricacies and dynamic differences that enable our Loan Officers and Executive Leadership the ability to build and grow their legacy.

“I joined Legacy 3 years ago. When you are recruited by companies, a lot of them promise the world to you and try to sell you on better products, better pricing, better compensation, etc… At Legacy? We go deeper. We are not a commodity. We share our culture of success. A culture cannot be sold, it can only be experienced. I joined Legacy to learn from the best in the industry. I often compare it to the feeling of playing a Junior Varsity sport and then you get called up to Varsity. You don’t care if you ride the bench because you are learning… You are growing…. You are getting better. On Varsity you are getting coached how to be a better leader, a better player. The same is true at Legacy. The internal coaching I have received has been a game changer for me. It isn’t magical, it is hard work. All you have to do is surrender to the proven ways and execute the plan. The proof is there. My first year, 2015, I closed $15,812,666. In 2017 I closed $31,768,050. I am grateful for the opportunity to work for Legacy. It has changed my life.”
– Justin Steiner