If anyone knows the importance and power of a pre-approval letter, it is today’s Realtor. In a market where homes across Texas receive multiple offers in a very short span of time, the pre-approval letter can be the difference between a client’s offer being accepted or denied! Legacy Mutual Mortgage believes the pre-approval letter should be “good as gold,” and bases the projection and qualification amounts we give to our borrowers on real data and actual calculations that start the home loan process off on the right foot from day one.

As Connor said, in a market where Lenders offer up pre-approval letters like paper napkins, listing agents trust the power of Legacy’s pre-approval letter due to the veracity of the numbers and the likelihood of the loan actually being approved and closing. In addition to the power of the pre-approval letter, agents also enjoy the fact that they won’t be passed off to different people throughout the process, creating confusion, differing numbers and issues along the way. Don’t let other lenders’ letters get you denied, use Legacy’s “good as gold” pre-approval letter and get your offer accepted today.