Wouldn’t it be nice to work with a lender who completed every transaction the same? From the moment your client receives the initial phone call to the day they arrive at the closing table, happy and ready to refer you again, Legacy Mutual Mortgage replicates the same process with each and every customer across over 60 loan officers nationwide. Why? Because our systems and practices WORK! We’ve spent countless hours of training and refining to make sure the processes we implement help keep both the buyer and the agent informed throughout the loan process and keep the documents and closing timeline moving successfully forward toward the closing table. It’s not something we had down to a science after our first year in business, but after over a decade of happy, referring customers and agents, we can say with complete confidence that our processes are superior because they have to be. The standard of service and on-time closings that remains a company precedence and non-negotiable requires that all departments, all team members and all parties involved are an active part of the well-oiled machine that gets your clients marking 10’s on their closing survey.

As Gina Campbell comments in her testimonial to why she uses The Sigman Team of Legacy Mutual Mortgage, “everything that is going to happen is already set in stone. There are no surprises and everything is dealt with up front and everything is handled so, most often, (my clients) can close early!” Thanks Gina, we value your partnership with Legacy and we sure are glad you have experience the high level of consistency and systems continually refined to perfection that we pride ourselves on.