The mortgage process always goes 100% smooth with no hiccups along the way . . . said no one ever! We aren’t telling anyone something they probably DON’T already know… the mortgage process can often be stressful, tense and consuming. There are loads of documentation needed, more documentation needed, changes by the seller, changes by the agent, revised documents to sign and the list goes on and on. As the old adage says, though, “the best things in life never come easy,” and the dream of home ownership is often one of those. Here at Legacy we don’t claim to be magicians that can make the trail of paperwork, documentation, phone calls and emails disappear into a hat; but, what we CAN promise is that we will exercise honesty, integrity and transparency throughout the process with you and your clients and confront any and all issues that might arise head-on with an open mind and creative solutions.

We appreciate Justin’s thoughts about our Team here at Legacy, stating “they dig deep and are creative in their solutions other than just ‘I’ll just move on to the next deal.’ That’s not what they do here at Legacy – that’s not what they stand for and that is not their program; they are going to dig deep and if it CAN be done it is going to be done!” The compliments like Justin’s that we receive daily on our problem-solving abilities facilitated by all in-house operations and underwriting are innumerable, and we couldn’t be more proud of that.

Want to experience the Legacy different for yourself with your customers? We can’t promise to magically make the loan process easy likeĀ a Sunday morning, but we CAN promise to walk through the process WITH you, with transparency and honesty.