When asked what qualities they liked MOST about Legacy Mutual Mortgage, “availability” was one of the top answers. In the market of home sales and real estate, weekends are often the busiest time of the “work week.” After hours is not off limits to our Loan Officers, simply because we know that often Realtors are working the schedule of their buyers and their available times to view homes. As Tamra Holden expresses in the video, “knowing that it’s a local lender who I can call and get honest answers from and have direct communication with,” is truly a deciding factor. We work when our Clients and Customer work and often that entails additional calls, emails, and meetings after hours and on the weekends. Availability, though, is more than just answering our Realtor Partners calls; it is providing them with honest, intentional communication and transparency throughout the process so as to make the transaction as smooth as possible for both the buyer and the Realtor.

We know that the highest honor a Realtor can receive is a referral from their clients and we are cognizant of the fact that, often, the Lender is the last impression the buyer has of the process. At Legacy Mutual Mortgage, it is our job to ensure that our referring partners continue to choose us as their trusted Lender for their clients due to the “raving fan” level of customer service we ensure with each and every loan. Our “availability” to our Referral Partners and their needs as well as those of their clients, is just part of what makes raving fans out of all of those who choose us.