About Our Company

Legacy Mutual Mortgage likes to think of its customer as more than just a transaction and our referral partners as more than just another realtor. Legacy is built on some simple, yet paramount, core values:

  1. Do the right thing.
  2. Show people you care.
  3. Do your personal best.

What this translates to for Legacy employees, referral partners, and customers is a company that operates with the highest integrity, respect, and a culture of customer service that is not only expected but required. That’s what we’re about.

With forward-thinking executive management, an interest in continually improving systems and technology, and a foundation built on professional and personal growth, Legacy has become a career destination for many of the area’s most accomplished lending professionals. In addition to the potential for exponential career growth, Legacy has created a culture that people want to work for.

We have been fortunate to be named a San Antonio Business Journal “Best Places to Work” award winner NUMEROUS times, consecutively, over the past decade; along with several other local publications in areas outside of San Antonio naming our branches as a Best Place To Work in their respective city.

Legacy invites you to start your own personal Legacy by viewing our list of available job openings. Legacy’s continued success in each of the markets they lend in is built on a firm foundation of loyal referral partners and hard-working, dedicated employees. Together, Legacy is helping make the “American Dream” come true throughout the United States.