Why Legacy: A Trusted Local Lender

With over a decade of experience providing a diverse portfolio of home loan options for customers, real estate agents and builders, Legacy has established a reputation as a trusted local lender in each of the markets they have grown successfully in. Legacy is proud of the reputation they have earned as an ethical, service-oriented lender who honors the commitment to close on time and communicates with clients throughout the process.


Legacy was created on a firm foundation of serving home builders, based on a need to improve the service level that builders and their clients should expect from a lender. With an established background and experience in navigating the intricacies of the homebuilding process, our executive management and loan officers “get it.”


Legacy doesn’t just speak builder, they live it. Not everything fits neatly into the standard business week. Legacy loan officers understand the culture of the “builder world,” and also know that to truly help it grow, they need to become an extension of their builder partners – 7 days a week. This allows them to provide a high level of sales and operational support to builders and a higher standard of communication and accessibility to buyers.


Legacy’s builder partners are as unique as the homes they build. While exceptional service should always be expected, what that looks like can be very different from one builder to the next. By creating specific service level agreements (SLAs) for each of their partners, Legacy is able to deliver top-notch service that buyers deserve and builders expect.

Value Added Services

Not only is Legacy Mutual Mortgage a trusted local lender, but they offer the most highly-trained and professional mortgage loan officers in the industry, the company provides an array of value-added services that are advantageous to their builder partners.

Marketing & Design

Legacy prides itself on providing loan officers and their partners with a top-notch in-house marketing team who can provide custom, co-branded marketing material. They also offer their partners a variety of high-level learning opportunities in fields related to marketing, and the continued support of print and digital media materials.

Industry Education & Betterment

Legacy firmly believes that educating and inspiring those whom they work with is an added benefit that is rare among other industry-leading companies. By providing educational seminars, lunch & learns and sponsored events, Legacy takes learning, growth and betterment seriously. Legacy’s partners enjoy the education that is continually provided on topics such as budgeting, the loan process, social media, and marketing tactics, all for the betterment of themselves and their businesses.

Organizations – Legacy has strategically aligned itself with many industry-related entities and organizations to provide maximum networking and relationship-building opportunities. As a sponsor of such organizations as Platinum Top 50, local Chambers and Homebuilder Associations, and many more philanthropic entities they are passionate about, Legacy can be at the forefront of their communities to showcase the Legacy brand.  Please fill out our contact form if you have any questions.

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