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Melissa Monjaraz

Senior Loan Officer
NMLS# 1014648

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Melissa Monjaraz is driven, hardworking, and passionate about guiding first-time homebuyers as well as teaching homeowners how to grow wealth with real estate. She knows that every loan represents a family’s dream home. Always eager to tackle challenges that come her way. This is one of the many reasons that homebuyers and realtors put their trust in Melissa and her team of High level Mortgage professionals

Imagine a professional who’s so good at her job that she’s ranked in the top 1% in the entire country. Yep, that’s Melissa. And as a bonus, she’s also one of the top 250 Latino Lenders nationwide. This means you’re in really good hands.

Now, the home-buying process can sometimes feel like solving a puzzle with a thousand pieces. Challenges? Absolutely. But Melissa? She’s got a mantra: “Quitting is not an option.” Over the years, she’s unlocked the home loan puzzle for more than a thousand families. And she can do the same for you.

A bit more about this home loan wizard: Melissa embarked on her loan officer journey in 2003 when she moved from Santa Cruz, CA to Chandler, AZ and started working for a mortgage company as a receptionist. Shortly just 6 months later she became a loan officer, and it clicked instantly. She knew she’d found her calling. Today, she heads a Top team in Arizona, and if you’re eyeing a property there, she’s your go-to Lender.

Melissa is into personal development and has learned from the best out there. She attributes her growth to Tony Robbins, her mentors and coaching. She is part of and coached by the #1 Mortgage Coaching company in the nation called The CORE. She is also part of Forward Academy which is on the forefront of technology, AI and Video education for homebuyers. This isn’t just about loans for her; it’s about growth, understanding, and making the home-buying experience memorable and transformative for you.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Melissa cherishes her roles as a wife and mother. Together with Hory, her husband and business partner, they have built not just a thriving business, but a life filled with adventures and memories, especially with their little son, Luca.

To wrap it up: if you’re navigating the maze of home buying and loans for the first time or perhaps you are looking to upgrade into your next home, Melissa is the loan officer for you. She’s experienced, super knowledgeable, and genuinely cares. Ready to find your dream home? With Melissa on your side, you’ve already taken the first right step!

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