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Niki Salter

Senior Loan Officer
NMLS# 196623

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The Salter Team is led by Niki Salter, a three time 5-Star Mortgage Professional, has been ranked top 3 loan originator in San Antonio by the San Antonio Business Journal since 2014. As a certified CORE Training, Inc. coach, a national professional mortgage and real estate coaching company and with over 16 years of knowledgeable experience and over 200 years in combined team experience with teams in San Antonio and New Braunfels, The Salter Team continues to remain on top and prides themselves on a customer satisfaction rating of over 95% or better year over year.

The Salter Team lives and breathes the culture of H.O.N.E.S.T:
Obsessed with the client experience
No loan left behind
Excellence in Execution
Servant Heart

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Office: 210.477.2900 ext.3908

Mobile: 210.364.2254

 Fax: 210.579.1722

300 E Sonterra Blvd, Bldg. 4, Suite 460
San Antonio, TX 78258

  • Niki Salter and her team at Legacy Mutual are the best in the business. I measure how well a Mortgage team performs by two important metrics; 1) how often can you get your clients approved and get the loan closed, and 2) how happy are these clients after dealing with them. Niki and her team are experts at finding a way to get it done. They have so much experience that there is never a situation that they aren't able to overcome. Clients with repeat experience who know what they need/want are VERY well served by Niki's team because they have the knowledge and skill to be flexible to everyone's unique needs for their particular loan. Even clients who have challenges or just clearly don't qualify don't get a 'NO' from Niki's team, they get a 'not right now, but let's work on it and get you a loan with a little work!' The real people skills that Niki uses always put clients at ease and get them to lower any anxiety they have over what can routinely be a tense time. She has a way of conveying the idea of 'Don't worry, we've got this'. I know when I refer a client to Niki and her team, they are going to get what they are looking for, and they are going to have a great experience doing it. GREAT JOB SALTER TEAM!!!

    Ricky Hamilton

    Niki and her team are top notch! Their communication setup is the best I've experienced. They send weekly updates on a checklist so the borrower and I always know what is going on with any loan. They have a reputation for thinking outside the box to qualify a borrower, and they have been 100% successful on the challenging ones. You will get a real person to talk to, and they are very responsive to emails as well. I believe you will be incredibly happy with the Salter Team's rates, fees and service!

    Dolly Breithaupt
  • Nikki and her team have helped us with our last two home purchases. Nikki and her team were in constant communication with us making sure we were always ahead of the game, making sure all of our required documents needed for closing were taken care ahead of time.

    I would recommend the Salter Team to anyone. So if your looking for a mortgage lender, the Salter team is where it’s at. Friendly and extremely professional and on top of there game.

    Thank you Nikki for the great experience you provided us on our last two home purchases.

    robert lopez

    I have worked with the Salter Team many times and they never disappoint. Closes on time, no excuses, the money and rate are always exactly what was quoted. Constant updates, great product knowledge and a number of options. She is a problem solver and a fixer and gets it done. 100% recommendation!!!!!!

    The Schrader Group
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