If you have purchased a product from a large retailer and had a question or service need recently, you might have experienced the frustration of an automated answering service, or, better yet, an unhelpful customer service representation in a different state or country who doesn’t know anything about your product or the area you are speaking to them from even. It has become a world of online buying and selling where customer service and “in-house” services has gone out the window at the expense of the customer. Here at Legacy, we believe that a mortgage is more than a¬†commodity that can be purchased online from a computer-generated answering service and semi-functional website. That philosophy has kept us highly successful for over a decade, serving customers in all of the areas we have branches with in-face meetings and handshakes and answers from co-workers down the hall- not in another country.

As Dustin Merritt comments below, being able to call his Loan Officer and speak to her about an issue or a need he has for his client and getting an answer right away from that same person is highly important in this business. He doesn’t want to call and get a different person every time or wait several days for a response from a supervisor in a different state or country. Answers come from our Underwriters, Production Team and even our Senior¬† Vice Presidents and President sitting down the hall here at Legacy. We won’t ship your loan off to a processor overseas or make you remember 10 people’s names on the way to getting your answer. We believe in the power of decision-making at the LOCAL level – where we can call you directly or even meet you in person to give you the good news.

As technology advances and our world turns more digital, something that can NEVER be turned into a machine is customer service, clear and consistent communication and a good old-fashioned personal handshake.